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Lighten Your Workload with Expert HR Outsourcing Solutions

Outsourcing HR | Ooutcourced HR in Kent


Absence Reviews

Disiplinary Hearings



Are you experiencing problems with employees or poor productivity?

Outsourced HR can help

Our Dedicated HR Support Solves Employee Issues and Boosts Productivity. Let us help you feel less overwhelmed with your HR workload and promote a thriving environment for your workforce.

Already have a HR department?

We can support your existing team

Complement Your Existing HR Department with Swan HR's Supportive Outsourcing Services. Our remote HR outsourcing solutions are tailored to seamlessly integrate with your current team, enhancing their capabilities without adding to your overheads. Whether you seek project-specific assistance or prefer a retainer-based arrangement, Swan HR offers flexible options. Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses lacking in-house HR expertise, our outsourcing service ensures the right level of support precisely when you need it.


What SWAN HR Clients Say...

Susan is a very experienced professional HR Consultant who provided our firm with excellent advice that ultimately led to the successful resolution of difficult issues. I can strongly recommend Susan and her team.

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