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Are you aware of the changes to the “Paternity Leave Regulations 2024”?

Updated: Jun 10

The amended regulations introduced new flexibilities around how paternity leave can be taken.

The breakdown of the changes is as follows:

👉Fathers and partners can now take their leave and pay in non-consecutive blocks

👉Fathers and partners can take their leave and pay at any point in the first year after the birth or adoption of their child

👉Employees only need to give 28 days’ notice of their intention to take

paternity leave 

At SWan HR we can ensure you always keep up to date with legislation changes. 

As an employer, it’s your duty to ensure you stay compliant. 

Here’s how we can help:

✅ Retainer HR support for a small monthly fee, meaning you have access to an expert at the end of the phone whenever you need

✅ Flexible Ad-hoc services per hour or fixed rates for projects 

To find out more get in touch with us at

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