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HR Audit

Why wait for challenges to arise?

Change is constant, and challenges are inevitable, our HR Auditing services don't just identify issues; we prevent them from surfacing in the first place. 


Risk Mitigation

Enchance Performance

Future Readiness

Expert Guidance

Strategic Planning

Are your HR practices strategically aligned with your organisational goals?

A comprehensive hr audit can help

Swan HR offers an HR Audit that dives deep into your business and HR function. Tailored for small to medium-sized businesses uncertain of their employer duties, our interview-based audit uncovers insights into your HR policies, systems, and metrics giving strategic action plans to take your business forward. 

How our hr audit works


In this initial step, SWan HR conducts a one-hour remote meeting. This meeting serves as an opportunity to gain insights into the potential client's business, the current state of their HR function, and any specific areas that might be causing concern or requiring attention.


The interview is based on a series of questions to understand the HR policies, systems, and procedures in place and any HR metrics available to identify gaps or areas of concern.


This follow-up involves delivering written feedback and recommendations based on the findings of the review. The client can expect actionable insights and suggestions for improvement in their HR practices, aligning them more closely with their organisational goals.

Already have a HR department?

We can support your existing team

Complement Your Existing HR Department with Swan HR's Supportive Outsourcing Services. Our remote HR outsourcing solutions are tailored to seamlessly integrate with your current team, enhancing their capabilities without adding to your overheads. Whether you seek project-specific assistance or prefer a retainer-based arrangement, Swan HR offers flexible options. Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses lacking in-house HR expertise, our outsourcing service ensures the right level of support precisely when you need it.


What SWAN HR Clients Say...

Susan is a very experienced professional HR Consultant who provided our firm with excellent advice that ultimately led to the successful resolution of difficult issues. I can strongly recommend Susan and her team.

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