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HR Support for Business Startups

Starting a business is exciting but comes with HR challenges. Swan HR Consultancy provides tailored HR support to ensure your startup thrives from the get-go.

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Expert Guidance

Cost-Effective Solutions

Compliance Assurance

Employee Management

Increase Productivity

Expert HR Solutions to Launch Your Startup Successfully

Start as you mean to go on with HR Support

At Swan HR, we understand that launching a startup involves navigating numerous HR challenges. Our expert team is dedicated to providing comprehensive HR solutions tailored to the unique needs of new businesses. From recruitment and employee onboarding to developing robust HR policies and ensuring legal compliance, we offer the support you need to build a strong foundation. With our personalised approach and deep industry knowledge, Swan HR helps startups not only avoid common pitfalls but also foster a productive, motivated, and compliant workforce right from the start.

Our hr solutions for start-ups  

  • Policy Development: Crafting customized HR policies that align with your business needs.

  • HR Documentation: Creating essential HR documents, including employment contracts, handbooks, and procedural guides.

  • Disciplinary Assistance: Providing expert advice and support for managing disciplinary issues and procedures.

  • Recruitment and Onboarding: Helping you attract, hire, and onboard the right talent efficiently.

  • Performance Management: Implementing effective performance review systems to boost employee productivity and engagement.

  • Compliance Support: Ensuring your business adheres to all relevant employment laws and regulations.

Business Discussion - HR support for start-ups in practice

Here for whatever hr support you need 

HR Advice

Get professional advice on employee relations, performance management, and more.

HR Audits

Ensure your HR practices are compliant and efficient with our thorough audits.

HR Coaching

Develop your HR skills with personalised coaching sessions.

Your Partner in HR Excellence

We can support your existing team

Have your in-house team? Our services are designed to enhance and support your existing workforce. We offer tailored training programs to boost skills and productivity, create effective performance management systems, and provide conflict resolution and mediation services. By ensuring your team is well-supported, we help foster a positive and productive work environment that drives your startup towards its goals. 


What SWAN HR Clients Say...

Susan is a very experienced professional HR Consultant who provided our firm with excellent advice that ultimately led to the successful resolution of difficult issues. I can strongly recommend Susan and her team.

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