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New Carers’ Leave Regulations 2024

What do you need to know?

👉 Employees are now able to apply for up to one week of unpaid carer's leave per year in order to provide care or assistance to someone dependent upon them who has a long-term care need.

The new act came into force on the 6th April, and eligible employees now have a "day-one" right to carer’s leave.

What are the employment protections?

👉Employees taking carer’s leave have the same employment protections as those taking other forms of family-related leave

👉Protection from dismissal or detriment as a result of having taken the leave.

The new regulations mean it is vital that you have the correct leave policies in place in your business.

Generic policies regarding leave, will not take into account the many different types of leave employees are entitled to.

SWan HR Consultancy can provide you with the policies you need, to ensure your business is compliant with the UK employment laws.

Get in touch today for more information.

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