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Human Resources at its Best - three months on!

Updated: May 25, 2023

Susan Wakelin, Founder of SWan HR

Happy New Year!

Firstly, SWan HR would like to wish you all a Happy New Year, and thank everyone who has supported us so far.

SWan HR three months on?

The New Year has given Susan Wakelin an ideal opportunity to reflect on SWan HR's journey from formation, through the first quarter of full-time trading.

Having worked in Human Resources for a range of employers for over thirty years, setting up an HR consultancy was quite different. Yes, previous experience provided an excellent grounding for all client expectations, including setting up, auditing and improving HR functions as well as management coaching and supporting organisations through difficult situations, transformation and change.

Knowing that all employees have employment rights in the UK, including making complaints to an employment tribunal, which can be time consuming and costly, Susan was passionate about supporting small businesses, who with limited UK employment law knowledge are most at risk. Tribunal claims can cause unrepairable damage to a Company's reputation and, in addition to this, unresolved problems can increasing absence, poor performance and be the difference between success and failure of a business.

"I wanted to reach smaller enterprises who need me most, because I know where HR succeeds, the business achieves!" - Susan Wakelin

At SWan HR, all businesses, no matter how small, are important to us. The Company prides itself on a dedicated personal service, understanding each unique business and their Company goals, getting to the route of any existing problems or concerns with tailor-made generalist advice and practical support.

Susan provides the highest standard of service to all clients, where she absorbs herself into each Company providing seamless support, as if she were a permanent member of the senior management team. SWan HR provides cost effective retainers, with unlimited telephone and e-mail advice, as well as other services with clear simple costs.

"Working with clients is what makes my day. I love helping small business owners who are struggling to get to grips with employment issues and, after just a short conversation, watch their worries fade away." - Susan Wakelin

Setting up her own HR consultancy has taken Susan on an interesting journey learning, the same as other business owners, to created a website, write blogs and network, as well as getting to grips with sales and marketing.

"The most exciting part of my journey so far, has been to meet so many wonderful people, including my first clients." - Susan Wakelin

SWan HR the next three months?

The one thing SWan HR has learnt, is that there are employers are out there that need help, even if they do not know it. Many have no HR support, they use incorrect and out of date information from the internet to create offers of employment, or don't have any written offers in place at all. They believe that they are doing the right thing, that they are treating their employees well and naively believe that "it will never happen to them".

"Small employers are scared that implementing HR best practice will cost too much money and will cause unnecessary workload, but it is actually the complete opposite." - Susan Wakelin

Problems will eventually arise where employees are not looked after and managed properly, which can be incredibly stressful for any business owner and is not always easy to repair.

SWan HR Consultancy (London and Kent)

SWan HR is an HR consultancy that specialises in HR support for small to medium sized businesses in the South East.

"Where HR Succeeds, the Business Achieves"

SWan HR was founded by Susan Wakelin, MCIPD, who is a qualified HR professional with over thirty years' experience, from setting up, auditing and improving HR functions to management coaching and supporting organisations through difficult situations, transformation and change.

SWan HR provides a broad range of tailored HR services including an HR audit, HR advice, HR outsourcing, HR coaching and project work for all businesses.

Free HR consultation

Contact Susan Wakelin now to take advantage of a free half-hour consultation to talk through your initial HR concerns and how you can manage these going forward.

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